What Is Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is intended to restore the tooth's structure that got damaged due to tooth decay. Incorrect brushing, poor oral hygiene or excessive sugar consumption can increase bacteria buildup on the surface of the teeth. This bacteria when left unattended can multiply and attack the tooth enamel destroying it gradually. At this stage, dentists recommend tooth filling to prevent further damage of tooth structure. But when the bacterial attack continues further, the next layer of the tooth called dentin gets damaged. Tooth sensitivity and discomfort begins escalating. When the infection passes to the pulp of the tooth through the roots, tooth loss is inevitable. Here comes the rescue - RCT treatment.

What is Root Canal treatment?

Your dentist analyses the infection rate and proceeds with RCT where he reaches out to the tooth’ root canals. The dentist removes the infected pulp, debris and bacteria from the area, cleans the areas and fills up the vacuum with a material called Gutta Percha that resembles tooth pulp.

He then seals the tooth with either filling or a crown. The best root canal cost is affordable in most of the renowned dental clinics. Provided the hospital is reliable and has qualified endodontists with experience. Happysmiles dental clinic is  certified and has state-of-the-art technology and equipment. The dentists here are reliable and highly qualified especially endodontists – specialists in root canal treatment.

A root canal treatment cost with cap is almost affordable and pocket friendly. Dentists recommend crown or cap post filling of the tooth structure so as to prevent attack or damage again. In some cases, patients need two to three visits to complete the treatment whereas, in usua cases it takes a single visit to get RCT done.

Save tooth with RCT than having it extracted. Visit Happysmiles today or book your consultation.