Dental care after covid recovery:

Cleaning and whitening teeth concept vector illustration. Snow-white Happy Tooth and Yellow Moody Tooth Cartoon characters in flat design. Tooth before and after whitening infographic elements.

Usually, it is difficult for the covid patients to brush their teeth twice daily, as some of them may be seriously affected and admitted in ICU and some may be from ventilator so in that case, it will become difficult for them to brush their teeth daily. So, plauge if formed on their teeth due to that their teeth it will weaken their teeth so they may experience gum bleeding and bad smell from mouth while they are brushing. When you feel such kind of problems please visit your doctor. To avoid any kind of dental-related issues brush your teeth daily twice and use mouth cleaners after brushing your teeth as it helps in reducing the amount of infection carrier germs in your mouth. It is compulsory to brush your teeth twice daily and make a habit of using mouth cleaners every time after brushing to avoid the germs which cause infections in the mouth. Clean your teeth with dental floss after completion of your meals and dinner as it helps in removing the leftover food in between the teeth and also cleans the plauge layer on the teeth. This will helps you to maintain healthy teeth.


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