Necessary precautions to take after removal of teeth

Blurry pose of a woman with toothache and a dentist hand holding the extracted tooth. Focus on the hand

When you are facing problems with your decayed or broken tooth, dentists will suggest getting rid of the tooth. It’s a very normal procedure that everyone knows about it, but most of us are not aware of the necessary caution to be taken after the removal of the teeth. So here are some cautions to be followed after the removal of teeth.

  • Place a piece of cotton in the tooth extraction area and press the cotton piece towards the teeth removal site for about 30 minutes so that it heals fastly and make the blood clot at the site of the teeth removal.
  • Eat ice cream and cool water or juice to heal fast so that it makes the bleeding stop at the socket of teeth removal and make it heal fast.
  • Do not vigorously ringeing or spit after the 24 hours of the teeth removal.
  • Do not smoke after the 48 hours of teeth removal because the clot will get disturbed and it will lead to bleeding.
  • Get sutures after the removal of teeth to avoid excess bleeding. And also remove the sutures after the 5-6 days of teeth removal of teeth
  • Do take the medicines prescribed your doctor, the prescription contains anti biotics and pain killers to eliminate the infections .


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