What is dental scaling?


The process of removing the bacteria and dirt on the teeth or under the teeth gums is called dental scaling.
Precautions to be taken after dental scaling:

• Do not take extreme hot or cold foods or liquids after the 48hours of the treatment, because by removing the bacteria on the teeth and under the gums the areas would become sensitive, and taking extreme hot or cold foods may lead to damage of the teeth.
• Quit smoking for about 48-72 hours after the procedure, because the tooth may overreact due to sensitivity and it can lead to horrible pain.
• Usually, this procedure is used to clear stucco on the teeth and it is very common to feel loose teeth after the procedure and it can be fixed by the proper maintenance of dental care hygiene.
• And it is very common to feel some pain in the areas of treatment for few hours after the procedure.
• Regularly use the medicines prescribed by your doctor for fast and effective healing. The prescription contains pain killers so it will help you in curing the pain.

Dental scaling cost in hyderabad

Dental Scaling Cost In Happy smiles dental hospital Cleaning will cost around 1200 to 1500 rs


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