What is flap surgery and when do we need it?

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Flap surgery is done for people who are suffering from gum disease. This gum disease can be categorized into two phases that are gingivitis and periodontitis. In the first stage, gingivitis is noticed when the gum infection is caused by the oral bacterial patches and oral bacterial plague. When it is in this first stage do visit your dentist they will proceed to treat your gums with the simple procedure by cleaning your teeth. By doing this procedure they remove the plaque around your teeth so that automatically the gums will heal.

If you ignored gingivitis in the initial stage it will spread to the supporting bone from the gums. This advanced stage of gingivitis is called periodontitis. periodontitis will make the supporting bone weak and this will lead to loss of teeth. At this stage, you require flap surgery.

How the flap surgery is done? And what are the symptoms?

Your dentist will examine to know the depth of the pocket and the infection level to give the treatment. This flap surgery is impossible if you have active high sugar levels. Your dentist will numb your place of treatment with local anesthesia. After giving anesthesia the gums are retracted to clean the infected tissue, after cleaning the infection from your teeth your dentist will stitch your gums. After the treatment is done you will observe the gums are recovering within 8-10 days. Complete recovery of gums after treatment will take about 3-4 weeks.


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