When and Why do we need dental implants?

3d render of jaw and implants with dental bridge over white background

Dental implantation is a simple procedure. If your teeth are in the situation of removal due to broken or decayed teeth, then we will opt for the dental implants procedure. A piece of titanium is placed in the region to use as the root of the teeth and an artificial tooth is placed upon the implant and it acts like natural teeth. Dental implants treatment is usually given to adults who don’t have teeth either they might be broken or decayed. Then your dentist will fix those areas by fixing dental implants and artificial teeth upon them. We can fix 20 to 25 dental implants both in the lower and upper jaws by placing the fixed teeth upon the implants it gives the natural look to your teeth. There are no absolute contraindications to treat dental implants. People who are suffering from diabetes and thyroid can take this dental implants treatment without any hesitation. But inform your doctor about the medication that you are using before going to the implants procedure. For example, people who are using aspirin tablets are advised to stop taking the drug 48hours before the treatment and 48hours after the treatment. This dental implantation procedure is done under local anesthesia, to make sure that you will not feel any kind of pain during the process. It takes about 3 to 4 months to completely heal the gums and set the implant inside the gum unless it sets inside the gum we can’t place the fixed tooth on the implants. Eventually, it takes 3-4 months to completely cure and set the implants inside the gums.


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