When should we take root canal treatment?

Human tooth anatomy dentistry medical concept as a cross section of a molar with nerves and root canal symbol as a 3D illustration.

What is a root canal?

The process of removing the infection from the roots of the tooth caused due to the infection from broken teeth and gums is called root canal treatment.

When should we need root canal treatment?

  • Pain in the teeth
  • Swelling and pus in the teeth
  • Broken tooth

Are the symptoms that were shown when we wanted to take the root canal treatment.


       Usually, there might be two sessions for the root canal treatment.

Single sitting and Double sitting: A single sitting procedure is done when the infection rate in the roots is less and can be cleared by a single sitting procedure. Usually, many doctors will prefer you to go by the double sitting procedure to cure the infection, wherein the double sitting procedure the rate of the infection in the roots will be high when compared to the single sitting procedure.


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