Wisdom teeth problems and solutions:

Healthy teeth and wisdom tooth with mesial impaction . Medically accurate tooth 3D illustration

Partially impacted wisdom teeth appear to be at higher risk of tooth decay than other teeth. if u are suffering from wisdom teeth for a particular amount of time and wanted to get relief from the problem then visit your dentist for a clinical examination they will perform radiography to understand the severity and the mode of ejaculation of the wisdom teeth. Then they will suggest to you what kind of treatment you needed to take to get relief from the problem. The ejaculation of the wisdom teeth will be of different kinds either it might be vertical or horizontal and in most cases, it will be vertically bent just hurting the tooth which will cause severe pain in your teeth, cheek, and jaw bone. In this case, doctors will suggest you remove the wisdom teeth. But, if the patient has active blood sugar and high BP levels then this wisdom tooth removal is not possible as it involves various kinds of risks that harm the patient health. Better to visit your doctor if any kind of related issues.


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