What Is Wisdom Tooth !

Dentists recommend Wisdom tooth removal in case the tooth is infected causing pain or if it is crooked. An impacted wisdom tooth, which doesn’t completely grow out, is mostly extracted regardless of it causing discomfort. Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that show up in early 20s and are permanent teeth. But for most people they end up causing discomfort and infection. The reason is there may be not enough space to grow and they are far to reach while brushing and cleaning. Wisdom tooth extraction has become quite a simple and common thing nowadays. Thanks to the improving dental tools and medical knowledge. It takes about an hour to extract the wisdom tooth after your dentist injects anaesthesia to numb the area. Patients can resume their normal activities within a week and their oral activity is not affected in any way by the removal of wisdom teeth. Since they are considered least used molars.

Why is wisdom tooth extraction needed?

Most dentists recommend removal of wisdom teeth either to prevent infection to adjacent teeth or to relieve patients from gum infection and impacted teeth. Most patients have impacted wisdom teeth, i.e., partially trapped under gums or jawbone. They develop cavities, trap food and result in infecting other molars. 

Where to go for wisdom tooth extraction?

There are a myriad of wisdom teeth removal specialists in Hyderabad. Of which, Happysmiles dental hospital has patient-friendly dentists that are highly experienced and compassionate. The hospital is affordable and highly accessible to all classes of public. 

It is recommended by dentists to have crooked, impacted or infected wisdom teeth extracted to protect other teeth and safeguard oral hygiene. Despite having no symptoms of pain and infection, getting rid of an impacted or crooked wisdom tooth assures of zero future oral ailments. 

Things to expect before and after tooth extraction

Your dentist comforts you post anesthesia and reaches out to the surgical area. He may have to cut the gums to reach out to the complete tooth in case of impacted wisdom tooth. The dentist loosens ad lifts up the tooth and replaces the area with a cotton gauze. 

Antibiotics are prescribed along with painkillers for a few days. Patients may expect minor swelling and pain in the area but it is manageable. 

Avoid eating hard foods and drinking hot beverages until the pain and discomfort subsides. Reach out to the dentist in case of excessive pain or discomfort. 

Remember to consult a trusted dental clinic like Happysmiles.